Mood Board - Crystals and Gems


This month I’m asking everyone to have a little more faith in themselves. For June I am sharing with you Crystals and just like these magical crystals you need to believe in yourself and all your magnificently beautiful glory you hold within you. Take care of yourself. Find whatever makes your soul come to life or grab some crystals to give you a boost.

Crystals can be held in your hand, worn on the body, placed under your pillow and is known to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing as well as blocking all the negativity that might come your way. The reason that this is effective for those who chose to believe is because the crystals are said to positively line up and interact with your body’s energy field or you may have heard of the term ‘chakra’. These sparkly crystals come in all shapes sizes and shades and each different type of crystal is known to help you or heal you. …. Crystals are known to boost energy and positive vibes, clearing your mind, optimizing your health, relieving stress, anxiety, depression anger, resentment, they bring to your life abundance and prosperity and they are also known for relieve creative blocks to allow you to release your creativity freely. So whatever your dealing with in life you can always find a crystal to rock around your neck and believe in yourself and believe that your crystals have the power to assist you in overcome your fears and anything that weighs you down and out the very best in you . Bring your sparkle back.


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