The Designer Diaries Series

As a designer and with anyone who does freelance work the job is can be very fulfilling but very lonely at the same time.  I often ask myself am I doing this right, are there other people going through what I am going through, or how are they handling their job on a daily bases?  So I decided that I wanted to share my experience of being in a creative field.  I wanted to share an inside look of what I deal with from the struggles to the success. I also wanted to share some of my processes with the hopes of helping other designers with their journey.  

When I thought about this I began to question who I am as a designer.  I know I have come a long way in my design career but I also have a looonnng way to go to reach some of the goals I have set for myself.  So I wondered how could I give advise to other designers when I still consider myself to be new to this creative business.  So I decided that I wanted to open up the Designer Diaries to others who are in the creative field. 

The Designer Diaries will consist of a series of post from me talking about what goes on in my life on a daily bases as I work towards my goals as a Surface Pattern Designer.  It will also feature a host of designer (fashion, photography, illustration, surface pattern, and graphic design) sharing about their journey as an artist/designer. Designers will have a choice of sharing details about their creative career in an interview, sharing a peek inside of their creative space, what inspires them to create and lastly a look at their workflow! 

I am very excited about this series!  I'm excited to share more of what I'm passionate about and I am excited to connect with other designers and allow them another platform to share their passions through.

 If you are in the creative business and you would like to be featured please send an email to

Please include your name, your creative field, and which post you are interested (artist interview, studio/workspace tour, what inspires you, your daily/weekly workflow) If you are interested in more than one feature thats ok too, just let me know in the email!

Happy Sharing!