Shibumi Home Design Competition

I recently wrote about entering the Shibumi Home Design competition in my last blog post, it can be found here.  I wanted to share a bit more about my process and my design collection that was chosen by Julie Wienen, Bonnie Christina and the Shibumi Home Judging panel.

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When initially given the brief I had no idea what I wanted my collection to be based around.  I spent the first week of the competition just going over ideas in my head.  I finally decided to just dive in.  I knew I wanted to create a collection that featured my bold, unique style but would also appeal to others and would be something people would be proud to have in there homes as a way to express themselves.  

Here are a few of my original drawings.

and her is the final collection that was submitted.

I used a few old drawings and designs I had around but had not used previously, changing around the pattern and updating the color palette rounded out my collection nicely. I alway tend to gravitate to bold colors when it comes to my patterns.  With this collection I wanted to use bold colors but I wanted it to be in a way that would accent a persons home while adding a bold fresh touch.  So I used navy blue as my main color and a pale yellow and grey as secondary colors while using the bright yellow, pink, and blue to add a bold flare.

 Over all I had lots of fun creating this collection and I was very excited at how it turned out.  I believe it is one of my best attempts at a well thought out collection.

I can't even begin to express my excitement when I found out that I was one of 11 chosen to be on the Shibumi Design Team.  If you read my last blog I talked about all the disappointment that comes from putting you work out to the world.  But if you have faith and continue to refine your work without letting doubt get in the way great things can happen.

There were 47 awesome entries and I definitely do not envy the judges job to narrow that 47 down to 11 desginers. There were a lot of amazing entries to choose from.  When I found out the results I had to read them about 3 times and I watched the video about 5 times before it really sunk in. I am so excited to be apart of the Shibumi Home Design Team along with Lesley YoungAmanda JoyCatherine WorsleyFrankie Andrea Van MourikDianne Rob AnnelliYvette Marie JonesCharlotte Gale, Esther LongmoreSofia Cardoso, and Lidija Paradinovic, who was over all grand prize winner! For now you can learn more about each designer on the Shibumi Home Facebook Page. I am so happy to be working with such a talented team and excited to embark on a new journey of my surface pattern design career!

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